Across China: Villagers battle poverty by helping train AI

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"I use computers more now and have broadened my horizons. Moreover, I can also take better care of my children," she said.

"I never imagined I would be doing an AI-related job," Wang said. "It's completely new and quite a fresh experience."

As people worry more about machines taking jobs from humans, Wang is benefiting from the technologies and helping improve the lives of her poverty-stricken family.

Alibaba AI Labs said it will commit orders worth at least 10 million yuan annually to ensure the sustainability of the project.

"The training was challenging at first, but the more I keep at it, the easier it gets," Wang said.

Wang is hard at work helping artificial intelligence (AI) to understand our world. She is an AI curator, who helps sort and mark up key information on the images for AI to better understand them.

The Alibaba AI Labs have designed a set of professional qualifications so that the skills acquired by participants through the initiative can be even more widely marketable.

It took Wang around 10 days to finish the training and pass a standardized assessment to become an AI curator.